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Chrissy KaciubanChrissy Kaciuban

Tenure at Sunrise Senior Living:
“April 2015 I  began as a Director of Sales, and moved to Sales Specialist in  August of 2017. I have also served as a job coach for both Associate Directors of Sales and Directors of Sales.”

Experience in Senior Living:
"I spent the majority of my career moving families into new homes. Sunrise is so much more than “sticks and bricks”. By far, the move ins I have assisted with have been the most rewarding and impacting for families, as well as myself. I am able to help families problem solve, assist residents in getting back some independence, and both go back to enjoying being families without the stresses and worries of caregiving.  I get to go home knowing we truly helped make this possible at the end of the day."

Why I love working for Sunrise:
"I have directly experienced how Sunrise stands behind its Mission of Championing the quality of Life for Seniors. I have witnessed this in the multiple communities I have been assigned to. Simple things from a chef adding a resident’s recipe to a dinner menu, to Wellness teams and Department Coordinators making sure impeccable care plans for high level needs residents are in place show our Principles of Service in action. Most importantly, the front line team goes above and beyond out of genuine affection and compassion for our residents. Our Designated Care Managers and Wellness Teams are what make the Sunrise experience, put smiles on faces, and fears at ease."

My best advice to families or seniors looking for senior living:
“Many seniors have fears about losing their independence when moving into a community, when the reality is they gain back more than they can imagine. They no longer need to depend on others assisting them with things as simple as shopping and preparing for meals, picking up medications, getting to the doctor’s office, going to religious services, and fun outings. No longer will they be secluded at times and depending on others to get out and about. They can meet with friends, go on dinner and shopping trip,  and attend activities when and where they chose, and even create some personally to share who they are individually within the community. They can belong to Resident Council, and be an empowered resident with a voice within the community. Things will certainly be different, and change is difficult, so it’s crucial to remind them that there are many new opportunities and relationships awaiting them at their new home if they are open. However, do acknowledge your loved one’s loss and fears of leaving their home. Validating these feelings helps them feel heard and can help the process.”

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