Meet our Senior Resource Counselors

Nicole SagartzNicole Sagartz

Tenure at Sunrise Senior Living:

“I started working for Sunrise in 2006 (had a brief hiatus and returned in 2013).”

Experience in Senior Living:

“I have always worked in senior living or healthcare.   I started my senior living career at 15 years old, as a server in the dining room of a retirement community near my childhood home.  Throughout college, I worked as an in-home caregiver.  Post college, my career took a new turn as a Medicare and insurance billing specialist, which ultimately brought me to Sunrise as a Business Office Manager at community with skilled nursing.  From Business Office Manager, I was promoted to Director of Sales, followed by; interim Executive Director, Business Development Director, Sales Specialist, Regional Director of Sales, and now Area Manager of Internet Sales.”

Why I love working for Sunrise:

“I love working at Sunrise because of the people!  Sunrise truly does hire serving hearts.  This is true from the corporate support office to the front-line team members.  The wonderful people I have worked alongside, over almost 10 years at Sunrise, are the best in the industry.  Our residents are very special people as well, with great stories and every kind of personality and background.  Their families become Sunrise’s family.  Serving our residents and their families gratify me.”

My best advice to families or seniors looking for senior living:

“It is never too early to start looking at senior living communities.  Physically stepping into a community gives you an intangible feeling, and you will know if a community may be the right fit quickly.  Many seniors decline gradually, and you may not even notice it because of the slow progression.  However, things can change very suddenly sometimes.  I always recommend having a few great options selected in advance.  Countless families have told me they wish they would have moved their loved to Sunrise much sooner, because of the many quality of life improvements for their loved one, and their own peace of mind.”

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