Meet our Senior Resource Counselors

Nicole Steiner Nicole Steiner

Tenure at Sunrise Senior Living:
“I began working at Sunrise in 2017"

Experience in Senior Living: 
“I do not have experience in Senior Living other than with Sunrise but I have always believed in advocating for those could not advocate for themselves and I believe Sunrise’s mission to “champion quality of life for all seniors” helps me to do that every day.”

Why do I love working for Sunrise? 
“I love working for Sunrise because in many ways Sunrise is like a big happy family. It is amazing to see the relationships grow, not only between the all the residents, but also between the residents and staff or even other family members. I love hearing the playful teasing in the living room and buzz of conversation during meals. It is an honor to not only provide our residents with the high quality, individualized care that they need but to also provide them a space to build lasting, meaningful relationships at a time when the companionship and support is truly needed.”

My best advice to families or seniors looking for senior living: 
“My best advice for seniors looking for living options is don’t wait! So many people choose to stay at home until they absolutely need us but by then they have missed some very valuable time getting to know the staff who would be caring for them, exploring what the community has to offer, and truly enjoying their time without worrying over small things like meals and laundry. It’s never too early to become part of our community, start making new friends and relax with a homemade snack in our Bistro.”

Contact Nicole Steiner today, at 925-297-4445