How We're Engaging Residents and Families

We know just how important it is for our residents to stay in touch with their families. We’re committed to fostering these connections as well as keeping our residents’ families informed about their daily lives—which we’re doing with the help of our innovative family engagement app.

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Connecting with Families

Fostering Connections with Technology

We want our families to continue being a big part of their loved ones’ lives. Our Sunrise family engagement app by Smile® for Senior Living allows family members to conveniently see what their loved ones are up to each day. 

Through our family engagement app, families have a variety of information at their fingertips.

Sunrise Senior Living | Family Communication App

Step into their world 
Want to see mom painting? How about cuddling with the community dog? Families can view photos and videos of their loved ones as they engage in activities and enjoy their time. They can also view the community activities calendar to see the variety of programming they can choose from.

Sunrise Senior Living | Family Communication App

Communicate easily 
Families can stay in touch with their loved one’s activities coordinator to see how they’re spending their days. They can also keep their loved one up to date by sharing photos and videos of important moments, such as the birth of a new family member.

Sunrise Senior Living | Family Communication App

See what’s on the menu 
Family members enjoy taking a peek into what their loved one is dining on each day. They can view community menus, seasonal dishes, chef specials, and holiday meals.

Sunrise Senior Living | Family Communication App

Create a life story 
Residents can share stories from their lives during one-on-one chats with team members, which will be entered into the app. Family members can then share their own memories of their loved one—allowing us to craft a rich life story. 

Sunrise Senior Living | Family Communication App

Stay informed 
It's convenient for families to stay in the know with community announcements, special event information, and activity calendars.

Sunrise Senior Living | Family Communication App

Give feedback 
Family members can make sure their voices are heard by taking Sunrise surveys and polls.

Reach out to your loved one's community to learn more about the family engagement app and get connected.

*Consolidated metrics through October 28, 2020 for North American communities.

Our team members are touched to see the joy experienced by family members and residents as they share moments and make memories.

Sunrise Senior Living | Family Engagement
I love the Smile app! Thanks for finding another way to keep us informed about our loved ones during a time when we are not able to be with them as often as in the past.
Sunrise of Arlington Family Member

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