Making Your Space Unique

Above all, Sunrise builds and designs its communities to warmly welcome each and every resident. Once safety, convenience and overall support are incorporated into the design, it’s time for the fun part: individual style.

At Sunrise, we hang a personalized shadow box outside each suite to showcase residents’ unique stories, talents and interests. The piece not only encourages conversation with neighbors—it also enhances each resident’s feelings of familiarity and belonging.

Encourage Social Interaction

  • Ensure plenty of guest seating.
  • Group furniture in a way that encourages conversation, such as placing seating in a semicircle.
  • Display interesting art, awards, photos and other personal items in a way that sparks conversation. Stack photo albums where visitors will feel comfortable flipping through them.

Let Personality Shine

  • From quilting to figurine collections to favorite artists, décor should reflect the resident's tastes and interests.
  • Personalized interiors also provide conversation starters for visitors.
Sunrise Design Team Tip

Make the Most of Wall Space.

When too many framed photos clutter up table surfaces, arrange pictures of family and friends on easily installed art shelves. Furthermore, additional wall pieces, such as a small organizer by the door, can provide visual interest and practical use.
Sunrise Design Team Tip

Get Balanced.

While both have their benefits, too much open or closed storage can throw off the balance of a room. Too much closed storage makes a room seem sterile; too much open storage can look messy and cluttered. Try storing files and paperwork in closed bottom cabinets while displaying books and mementos on higher, open shelving.

Sunrise believes growing older doesn't mean that home should be any less comfortable, stylish or inviting. We encourage our residents and their families to use this guide to create homes that celebrate the past, present and future!

For more tips from the Sunrise Senior Living Design Team, and to see a list of our recommended products, please visit Designing for Seniors.