Meet the Sunrise Design Team

Meet the Sunrise Design Team

Sunrise Senior Living’s Design team is dedicated to creating safe, comfortable and inviting living spaces for our senior residents, their families and guests.

All members of the Design team have earned a degree in interior design at an accredited university, with many also completing certifications that further their understanding of designing with seniors in mind. With a mix of designers, planners and processors, Sunrise’s Design team has over 100 years of combined experience designing interiors for seniors at Sunrise.

Andrea OwensbyAndrea Owensby

Vice President of Design
NCIDQ Cert. No. 022510
With Sunrise Since 2005

“I have been afforded the opportunity to work with so many wonderful seniors in my time with Sunrise, each with a unique opinion about the design we do. It is a joy and a challenge to provide such a specific design for a population of individuals who need beautiful, but functional environments.

Sunrise has a mission that speaks directly to my heart – our mission to champion the quality of life for all seniors cannot get more global and specific in the same sentence. At Sunrise I have truly gotten to be a part of that mission; it is so rewarding knowing that as a result of our team’s work, so many people are living their lives in spaces that we intentionally designed with their safety and preferences in mind.”

Joan BuenoJoan Bueno

Design Manager
With Sunrise Since 2005

“In my role, I love that I get to work on most, if not all, new community prototypes, which makes every project different and exciting! During installations at our communities, I get to meet with our residents and personally interact with them. Hearing compliments directly from our residents or seeing their reaction on a new piece of furniture makes all the difference! It inspires me to do better and keep pushing my abilities in designing a safe and comfortable home for our residents.

Sunrise is not only the leader in senior care, but a front-runner in senior housing design and I want to be part of the team leading the way!”

KristinKristin Zadrozny

Interior Designer
NCIDQ Cert. No. 025344
With Sunrise Since 2007

“I love knowing that I can help make someone feel comfortable and at home when they live in one of our communities. When I was looking for a career, I went and visited a Sunrise community and instantly knew it was the company I wanted to work for. I believe Sunrise is the industry leader in both care and design standards.”

Nicole BergquistNicole Bergquist

Interior Designer
NCIDQ Cert. No. 025261
With Sunrise Since 2009

“The smile on residents’ and team members’ faces when they get new furniture or artwork delivered - that's my second paycheck! Knowing that the work we do benefits someone who really appreciates our attention to design and detail makes my job worth it!

It’s also meaningful to know that I work on a team that is driven by the same desire to care for our residents that I share – it really reflects our company culture in every aspect of our work.”

Meredith DriscollMeredith Driscoll

Interior Designer
NCIDQ Cert. No. 029124
With Sunrise Since 2011

“Seeing the excitement of being the first resident to sit on a new piece of furniture or hearing that a resident loves their new renovation are definitely the best parts of my job. My number one priority is creating a safe, comfortable place that our residents are proud to call home.

I developed an interest in senior living design while getting my undergraduate degree in Interior Design. I went on to get my Masters in Gerontology so that I could learn as much as possible about the senior population and their unique needs. Sunrise is a leader in senior housing, so joining the Sunrise team was the perfect fit.”

Intentional Senior-Friendly Design

The Design team creates practical living spaces that not only meet each resident’s needs, but are also tastefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. This aligns with our company mission to champion the quality of life for all seniors. Every Sunrise community is unique and its design reflects the style and tone appropriate for the local area and lifestyles of its residents.

Design managers

From the signature rockers at our front entrance to the dining room and other common areas, furniture is selected for optimal height to allow for easy sitting and standing. Resident suites incorporate easy to grip handles and other ergonomic features for comfort. And, because the bathroom is considered one of the most hazardous places for a senior, special care is taken in designing restrooms for safety and accessibility. All aspects of the building are considered when designing each space, even the small details such as the accessories and accent pillows in the common areas. Sunrise designers intentionally select inviting hues and accent those color combinations with elements such as custom drapes or a beautiful wallpaper, for a truly residential feel. And because social interaction is an important facet of life at Sunrise, they also create spaces that foster interaction and friendship, such as a comfortable sitting area arranged for conversation.

One of the greatest benefits to having a Design team dedicated to our communities is its close connection with Sunrise Care team members. Open communication between the teams allows for immediate integration into designs per resident, family and Care team feedback.

Using best practices for senior living, Sunrise designers incorporate thoughtful design elements that correspond to the lifestyle of the region, resulting in a personal touch for each Sunrise community. This hands-on and evolving approach to designing for seniors reflects the aspirations of Sunrise Senior Living’s founders, Paul and Terry Klaassen, to provide a high quality of life in a nurturing setting.