Pets at Sunrise Communities

CatAt Sunrise, we love animals and appreciate the importance of pets in people’s lives. You are welcome to bring your own pet that you care for yourself, and every Sunrise community has a resident cat or dog.

Our community pets are adopted from local shelters because they exhibit calm and friendly temperaments that are best suited for our residents. We all help take care of the community pets, and we even feature them in our annual wall calendar.

We encourage you to engage with your community’s pet as much or as little as you like through feeding, walking, and other daily care. If you don’t love pets, that’s okay, too – interactions are carefully managed by Sunrise team members.

Meet some of our pets from Sunrise communities throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom:

Dog 4th of July

Walking Dog

Visit a Sunrise community near you for a tour and an introduction to our in-residence cat and dog.

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The Beloved Pets of Sunrise