Sunrise Live With Purpose Senior Activities

Live With Action - Health and Fitness

It’s a long-held principle that bodies in motion stay in motion.

Watch how Sunrise residents stay healthy through our Live With Action program.

At Sunrise Senior Living, our Live With Action program encourages residents to stay active. Because we know that physical activity is vital to senior health and well-being, we offer a variety of group exercise classes and fitness clubs to promote healthy living within our communities.

In addition to providing cardiovascular and strength benefits, senior exercise is a great way to get blood flowing to the brain, which may enhance cognitive abilities. Sunrise offers fitness and wellness programs focused on improving vitality, functional endurance, strength, flexibility and circulation, including: 

  • Low-impact aerobics exercises 
  • Strength training with light weights and bands 
  • Flexibility and balance classes 
  • Dancing 
  • Wii Fit, bowling, golf
  • Walking club 
  • Wellness and nutrition education 
  • Go4Life clubs (in partnership with National Institutes of Health)

Find a Sunrise community near you to see the weekly activities calendar.

I would walk miles to be in Kathy’s yoga class because she is so knowledgeable. She is so good at telling you what is good for you. It’s like a study of the human body!" Charlotte, Resident of Sunrise of Cohasset, MA
Our morning Live With Action helps me start the day with energy and wakes me up. I feel my body is getting stronger." Elaine, Resident of Sunrise of Chandler, AZ
I look forward every day to the exercise essentials because I have been a very active woman all my life and I want to continue to stay active. In my early years I was involved in marathon races and this walking club is just right for me." Muriel, Resident of Sunrise of Sunnyvale, CA

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