Live With Purpose

Generosity at Sunrise


Giving back is an ideal way for seniors to remain physically active and mentally healthy – and to maintain a sense of meaning, purpose and accomplishment.

Each Sunrise community partners with important causes or local charities to maintain a strong sense of human connection through outreach. Whether it's playing a role in a project's completion or attending an outing to share the fruits of their labor, Sunrise offers a variety of ways for residents to enjoy the benefits of volunteering.

Key Programs: Community Service Events Key Programs: Community Service Events Key Programs: Community Service Events
I think it’s really important to exercise your imagination and do anything to get you out of yourself. I enjoy the hands on activities like knitting the hats and blankets for the Pretty in Pink Foundation. I feel like I’m accomplishing something and doing some good for someone in need." Lois, Resident of Brighton Gardens of Raleigh, NC
I think it’s nice that we do not forget about our troops (by sending homemade greeting cards) and anything we can do to brighten their day is meaningful and important." Brenday, Resident of Sunrise of Burlington, MA
I live my life to help and be kind to others and it is so nice to still be able to give back to our community! Being 101 years old, I feel blessed to be able to still give back and feel appreciated for it." Libby, Resident of Sunrise of Randolph, NJ

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