Sunrise Live With Purpose Senior Activities

Learning at Sunrise

Exercise isn’t just from the neck down – it’s equally important to keep the brain in shape, both for cognitive health and for rich, enjoyable days filled with thoughtful engagement.

Watch Sunrise residents exercise their brains through our Live With Learning program.

AARP identified “discover,” or lifelong learning, as an essential pillar of brain health. Our brains have a dense network of neuron pathways, each one representing a skill. Lifelong learning and continuing education activities are great ways to exercise the brain and help create new neuron pathways.

However, continual practice of one skill is not enough. We also need to constantly challenge our brains in new ways. Sunrise communities offer cognitive activities designed to support memory and brain fitness. Our senior learning activities include book clubs, round-table discussions, guest lecturers and more.

Cognitive programs designed to support and maintain memory and brain fitness include:

  • Memory games, word games and brain teaser exercises
  • Book clubs
  • Cultural and language study
  • Lecture series
  • NewsCurrents current events discussion group 
  • Journaling and creative writing
I love knowing that I can still help others. The eagerness of my students is the driving force behind my efforts and the satisfaction I get out of continuing to teach English as a second language while at Sunrise."  Gene, Resident of Sunrise of Mount Vernon, VA
The highlight of my week is the Thursday trip to the library. It is here that I am in utopia. Every week I am like a child let loose in a candy shop. I come home with a new book selection that allows me to dream and to learn. What more can one ask for? This experience continues to make me a very enriched person."  Phyllis, Resident of Brighton Gardens of Saddle River, NJ
The Live With Purpose program is very enlightening and enjoyable for me. NewsCurrents continues to keep my mind engaged by updating me on what is currently happening in the world in a discussion-based setting."  Yvonne, Resident of Sunrise of Gilbert, AZ

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