Memory Care Excellence

Since 1981, Sunrise Senior Living has focused on innovative memory care that celebrates individuality, reduces anxiety and creates pleasant days for residents living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory loss.

How Our Memory Care Program Works

Our Memory Care program offers a safe and stimulating environment for seniors. The close knit Reminiscence neighborhoods are specially designed and furnished areas in the community that are supportive and comfortable, and offer a sense of familiarity. Meaningful activities, events and programs for both residents and their families encourage expression, nurture the spirit and involve friends and family.  The environments are second only to Sunrise caregivers. Filled with compassion and patience, each care manager receives best-in-class training to better serve seniors. They are supported by a team of knowledgeable leaders. For the families of seniors with memory loss, we offer support groups, materials and training to help keep them involved in their loved ones’ lives.

The Benefits

For families, knowing that a loved one is receiving attention, stimulation and support in a secure part of the community brings great peace of mind. Without the worry of physical caregiving tasks families can spend more quality time together, offering more opportunities for positive communication, engagement and involvement. 

Life Enrichment Managers

Many of our Sunrise communities have Life Enrichment Managers (LEMs) who work within our specially designed Reminiscence Neighborhoods. They are dedicated to involving residents with memory loss in daily activities that help them feel valued and provide them with a sense of purpose. LEMs undergo training that helps them assess individual interests and abilities, which can be matched with life skills and activities that tap into implicit and procedural memories.

How LEMs Work

Daily activities are specifically identified to nurture the spirit of residents by providing life skills which are familiar tasks that residents enjoyed doing in the past that still bring them a sense of purpose in the present. These experiences, which might range from walking or brushing the dog, food prep, folding, sorting, gardening, greeting or reading to others give residents a sense of  accomplishment. Activities take place between the resident and LEM or in small groups or clubs with other residents who have similar interests.

The Benefits

The benefits of this resident-centered approach are clear. Individuals make connections to the environment and other residents, and maintain or improve functional skills, building confidence and given them a sense of purpose. In addition, LEMs can help families maintain meaningful relationships with their loved ones by involving them and informing them of the activities identified to benefit their loved one.  

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