Pets at Sunrise Communities

CatResearch continually shows the importance of pets in people’s lives. It’s simply human nature that interacting with pets relaxes us, makes us feel connected, and even provides health benefits such as lowering blood pressure. That’s why Sunrise Senior Living communities embrace pets: from our full-time residence cat and dog at every location to the personal pets of our residents. 

Friendly Pets for Seniors

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Many of our senior living community pets are hand-selected from local shelters for exhibiting the calm and friendly temperaments that are best suited for seniors. We know that not everyone may be a natural pet lover, so interactions are carefully managed by Sunrise team members. We encourage our animal-friendly residents to engage with our community pets as much or as little as they like through feeding, walking and other daily care. 

Bring Your Own Pet

Walking DogBest of all, Sunrise residents are welcome to bring their own pets when they move in! If you are comfortable caring for your own pet and the pet is appropriate for our community home, we think it’s a great way for you to keep a treasured friend in your life. It’s also a great opportunity for introducing yourself to your fellow residents. Bringing your pet is another way to put your own signature on the Sunrise Signature Experience, every day.

Search our senior living communities to learn more about Sunrise Assisted Living services in your area, and to meet our in-residence cat and dog.

The Wonder of Pets

The Wonder of Pets

Did you know that owning a pet can prolong lifespan? Read more about why Sunrise Senior Living values our furry friends.

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