How Technology Helps Deliver Personalized Care

Sunrise Senior Living  |  January 4, 2021

If you’re the caregiver for a senior family member, you know every detail of their health, needs, and preferences. From when they take their medications to how they like their eggs to their allergies and health conditions, you’ve got it all down to a science.

So when your loved one moves into an assisted living community, you might wonder how their new caregivers could possibly keep everything straight and provide them the personalized level of care that you do.

At Sunrise, in addition to getting to know our residents on a deep level, we use an electronic health record system, Sunrise CareConnect, that leverages innovative PointClickCare technology to provide a holistic picture of residents’ health and care delivery.

From medications and dietary needs to activities of daily living and personal preferences, Sunrise CareConnect allows caregivers, healthcare professionals, therapists, and pharmacists to access and document nearly every facet of a resident’s care continuum.

Just a few of the benefits of Sunrise CareConnect include:

Highly Personalized Care


Because Sunrise CareConnect provides a well-rounded picture of residents’ health and care, residents receive consistent and tailored care—no matter which Sunrise team member or healthcare professional is providing it.

Diligent Medication Management


Pharmacists and healthcare professionals can view all of a residents’ medications on one screen—helping them recognize potential interactions or side effects even faster.

Comprehensive Family Updates


Keeping families up to date about their loved one is a priority. With Sunrise CareConnect, all resident care is documented, allowing Care Managers to provide updates on resident’s care delivery, medications, and activities of daily living to families.

Thorough Care Coordination


From diagnoses to dietary needs, Sunrise CareConnect allows caregivers, healthcare professionals, and pharmacists to access and document nearly every facet of a resident’s care needs—allowing for  greater collaboration and individualized care.

Contact your local community to learn more about Sunrise CareConnect and our approach to leveraging technology.

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