Reminiscence Care Team

Edith Vance

Edith Vance

Sunrise of Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Starting the day with smiles is what makes each day special.

Edith has been a Sunrise team member since February 2012. She has a passion for caring for residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s which stems from strong family connections and caring for the elderly in her own family. Edith says the best part of her day is the beginning and says, “starting the day with smiles is what makes each day special.”

What Edith’s team members say about her:

“There are many things Edith does each day as a Reminiscence care manager –one of the most frequent things I have experienced are the beautiful afternoons where she makes sure the residents can enjoy lunch outside on the terrace, or the mornings she takes the extra time to make sure the hair, nails, make up and jewelry are just right for the residents. As her Executive Director, I know Edith is one of those team members who does whatever is needed to get the job done.”
Kathy, Executive Director

“Edith is a wonderful care manager. She treats every resident with love and compassion. She lives the Sunrise principles of service, preserving dignity and celebrating individuality. It is a joy to work with Edith.”
Judy, Wellness Nurse

“Edith is a wonderful person and an amazing care manager. She always greets us with a smile and a cheery “hello”. We really enjoy working with her and know that whenever she has one of our hospice patients, they will be treated with the best care possible. We are so very thankful for Edith!”
Amy & Lisa, Great Lakes Caring Hospice

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