Reminiscence Care Team

Kanani Matteo

Kanani Matteo

Sunrise at River Road, AZ
Kanani is a "Lead Superwoman" who is always positive.

Kanani truly believes in the Sunrise Principles of Service and Core Values and practices them every day. She has a tender heart and reaches out to let each resident know that she is always there for them. Whether it’s holding their hand or taking note of special details, Kanani knows her residents’ needs and offers only her best.

When asked what she loves about her job, Kanani without hesitation says how much she loves taking care of her residents and assuring they are happy and healthy. She pays special attention to their make-up, jewelry, scarves and other ladies’ accoutrements, and makes sure each resident looks and feels their best. Co-workers will tell you that Kanani is a “Lead Superwoman” and a great team player who is always positive.

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