A Typical Day in Reminiscence

Good Morning

The early morning is the time when residents are awakening and getting ready for their day. Residents rise on their own schedules, and their natural daily rhythms are always prioritized. This is the perfect time of day to encourage independence and offer opportunities for a wide variety of life skills that give them meaning and purpose. Some memory care residents enjoy performing familiar routines such as simple household duties including making their own beds, reading a newspaper, putting away laundry or watering plants on their window sill.


As residents enjoy breakfast, you’ll hear soft music playing in the background. The aroma of breakfast gives the dining room that feeling of comfort and joy. Listen closely to the discussions about the weather, morning news, expected visitors and the upcoming activities of the day.

Walking Club

Residents enjoy a robust walk outdoors where they may observe and listen to the birds, pick fresh flowers and simply enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. They may be encouraged to listen for the crunch of leaves, birds chirping, children laughing and all of the other wonderful sights and sounds of nature. Walking increases strength and stamina and it increases circulation to the brain, which in turn helps with cognition in our Alzheimer's, dementia, and memory care residents.

After exercise, we offer cognitive programs since the brain has improved circulation and people tend to be more alert after exercise. Our memory care residents may have a discussion group or memory recollection game such as recalling all the sights and sounds from their walk outdoors. We might have someone read a short article or story and then residents engage in a discussion group.

Art and Music

Research shows that art and music provide powerful opportunities for connection for those with memory loss. All Sunrise communities offer a variety of art and music programs for residents to enjoy.


One can smell the pleasant aromas of freshly prepared foods. Memory care residents enjoy lunch together. While residents are offered two choices, they enjoy listening to softly playing music. Some wonderful conversations develop among tablemates. Social living is very beneficial for our Alzheimer's, dementia, and memory care residents and is an integral part of our memory care program.

Life Skill CookingGeneral Activities

Sunrise team members create pleasant experiences every day to enrich resident’s mind, body and spirits. Individuals may meet in the kitchen to peel apples, roll out pie dough and share their favorite recipes. Some may participate in Old Time TV Trivia or Listening to the Oldies tunes.

Structured activities are available, but so are alternatives, such as reminiscing, gardening, art, garden walks, flower arranging, laundry sorting and folding, pet care, woodcrafts, and much more.

Afternoon Social

Residents help prepare, serve and participate in a daily themed social with food, beverage and an activity.


Residents have dinner together in their private dining room, which is enjoyed by all. Preferences and abilities abound with team members promoting independence and promoting a nutritional experience.

Evening and Night Time Activities

Evening cards or games, listening to music, old time radio shows, drawing, writing, warm hand massages, meditation and more are frequent nighttime occurrences that memory care residents enjoy.

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