Terrace Club

Terrace Club Neighborhood

This is a Residential Neighborhood offered at select Sunrise communities which is tailored to meet the needs of those experiencing the early stages of memory loss. Based on Sunrise’s commitment to championing quality of life for all seniors, our unique Terrace Club program was inspired by current research findings related to brain health. The result is a program which enables residents to continue to thrive despite the early experience of memory loss. Residents who live in this part of the community benefit from a setting that allows them to feel a sense of meaning and purpose each day.

Terrace Club Day Program

This neighborhood provides additional opportunities for residents to engage in stimulating activities that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. It provides residents more structure to their days, guidance from a friendly face and gentle reminders as needed. We focus on specific strategies that preserve and enhance residents’ sense of identity and self-esteem, always respecting their ability to socialize and manage many activities of daily living independently. Terrace Club residents have the opportunity to take control of their days and feel supported by their peers, rather than experiencing the challenges of navigating the Assisted Living environment alone.

Terrace Club Day Program

This is a program offered at select communities that was developed around Sunrise’s philosophy to encourage residents’ ability to age in place. Seniors experiencing mild to moderate memory loss may show signs of becoming socially withdrawn. The Terrace Club Day Program meets their needs to feel supported and socially engaged in a smaller group environment while still enjoying the comforts of their Assisted Living apartment.

The program typically runs from morning to early afternoon on weekdays and during the afternoon hours on weekends to accommodate resident and family needs and preferences, but program hours vary by community. It provides just the right balance of structure and spontaneity through specially designed activities that foster relationship building, and physical and cognitive stimulation. The friendly, casual and supportive atmosphere provides residents with opportunities to enjoy meaningful engagement, and life enrichment throughout the day rather than facing the challenges of memory loss alone.

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