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Meet the Sunrise at Cherry Creek Team

Meet our excellent team of caregivers here at Sunrise at Cherry Creek, CO.

maria cerradoMaria J. Cerrado

Executive Director

"Passion and commitment are just a few factors in this type of “job” that we do. Aside from having a beautiful and safe living and or working environment, care and service is something non-tangible that requires the highest focus. With my decades of leadership experience working for seniors, I have learned that to achieve success on what we do, being happy is the single underlying factor. Being part of Sunrise has been one of my greatest personal achievements I strongly consider, not only because I get to carry my expertise confidently, but it is also helping me achieve one real purpose in life – to be of service to families and residents delivered with sincerity.

My culture is composed by genuine desire to be of support and at the same time, be able to empower others and together, we can achieve goals and with hopes of being able to bring joy and satisfaction each day spent in the community."

Tracy Jackson | Assisted living Coordinator

Tracy Jackson

Assisted Living Coordinator

“At the age of sixteen I discovered that caring for those in need would bring balance and joy to my life.  I have worked with Sunrise for more than 13 years because I believe in the organization’s Principles of Service

Caring for our residents who have had unique contributions to community, family and careers should be approached with passion, pride and great commitment.  Nobody does it better than Sunrise!”

necie hallNecie Hall

Reminiscence Coordinator

“I enjoy coordinating the care in our Reminiscence Neighborhood because we are able to get to know our residents and their families very well.  These relationships give me purpose each day.  

It is a privilege to participate in our residents’ journeys and support their families.  I chose Sunrise because they have given me an opportunity to grow and share my knowledge with others. I believe in our mission to provide quality of life for all seniors. “

jeanette mccormickJeanette McCormick

Healthcare Manager

I was born and raise on a farm in eastern Colorado. As a farm girl, I have been motivated to take care of things. I have been a nurse for 33 years, and my true passion is taking care of seniors. I enjoy sharing stories, getting advice and listening to the wealth of information that they share.

Since my grandparents have passed on, I have adopted many new ones here at Sunrise. For me, the opportunity to nurture the spirit of our residents brings me back to Sunrise every day.

lauren wadlingtonLauren Wadlington

Activities & Volunteer Coordinator

"Moving from New Orleans to Denver was a big change for me, but I’ve always felt right at home here at Sunrise thanks to the warmth of both our team members and residents. They each treat me like family and I have the privilege of doing the same for them. As the Activity and Volunteer Coordinator, I find no greater joy than watching our residents engage in meaningful activities and being able to participate alongside them. 

The highlight of my role is having the opportunity to get to know each resident’s interests and past accomplishments and bringing those to light through programming. I also have a background in Occupational Therapy and love applying a therapeutic approach to programming so that our activities can truly benefit the mind, body, and spirit of each resident.  

When I’m not in the community leading activities, I enjoy exploring the beautiful landscape Colorado has to offer, live music, and photography."

tracy robinsonTracy Robinson

Dining Service Coordinator

“I’ve been with Sunrise for close to 10 years now and the rule of thumb I like to go by is: ‘treat each resident as if they were your own family.’  

I feel joyful whenever I hear a resident or their family share how great a meal was or how excited they are about an upcoming event.  If we can prepare your favorite entrée, then it’s a great day at Sunrise.”

tracy gunnellsTracy Gunnells

Maintenance Coordinator

“I like being able to brighten our residents’ days.  I really enjoy being a ‘go-to player’ on the Sunrise team.  I love getting to know each resident.   

For the past five years, I have really enjoyed making our residents and their families feel at home within our community. Whether I am pouring coffee and tea during breakfast or fixing a mechanical issue, I take pride in maintaining a beautiful community.”

jennifer murphyJennifer Murphy

Business Office Coordinator

"I have worked for Sunrise since October of 2017 and in my short time here, I have been a Care Giver, Dining Room Care Manager, Activity Assistant and now the BOC. I have a God given passion for people, which is why the Business Office Coordinator role is a perfect fit for me. In this role I get to talk to and help residents and their families with any concerns they might have and show them how Sunrise Cares. For our Team Members, I get the privilege of living life with them, I can help with any problems they might have as well as celebrate their successes! I feel privileged to work for a company who love others, for this is my mission in life."

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