Sunrise at FlatIrons

Meet the Sunrise at FlatIron Team

We appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to a few of the many members of our extraordinary team who make our community so great.

George Johnson

Georgia Johnson

Director of Sales

“I started with Sunrise more than eight years ago as a care manager and was promoted several times to my current role of Director of Sales. I love helping families find a new home. 

Sunrise is the best place I’ve ever worked. My co-workers have become my family.”

Dawa Lhamo | Care Manager

Dawa Lhamo

Care Manager

“Working with the elderly gives me special blessings.  The one-on-one time I am able to spend with my residents is fulfilling for me and for them.

Sunrise is not only a home for the residents, but also for me.”

Myriam I. Bachofer | Medication Care Manager

Myriam I. Bachofer

Medication Care Manager

“My grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease.  She passed away without any of her family having an understanding of what she was going through.  Every resident I work with is someone’s parent or grandparent, and now I know how much I am needed.  Every laugh, every hug - even the tears - mean so much.  I’m not just working for someone; I’m coming into their home and becoming part of their life.

Sunrise has done and continues to do so much in educating me on Alzheimer’s and dementia.  This really helps me approach my job with an open mind and heart.”

Nancy Salts | Business Manager

Nancy Salts

Business Manager

"In my role as the Business Manager, I have the opportunity to sit and talk with our residents, get to know them and listen to their stories.  They really do capture your heart and become part of your extended family.  This is the part of my day that I enjoy the most. 
I didn’t choose Sunrise…Sunrise chose me!  When I walked into Sunrise of FlatIrons, I understood why others love this company.”

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