Sunrise at Montgomery Village

Assisted Living Activities at Sunrise at Montgomery Village

Sunrise at Montgomery Village's Programming and Activities allow each resident to experience complete life enrichment. We invite you to view our week at a glance and month at a glance activity calendars, which promote the health of the mind, body and spirit. Our vibrant programs are fulfilling and encourage our residents to celebrate the joy of every day. We help seniors live the life they want to live. Stop by a community and join one of our many daily senior activities so you can experience the Sunrise Difference.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - February 25
9:00 am Church Trips
9:30 am Go4lLife Walking Club
10:00 am Joel Osteen Ministries
10:30 am Sunday Warm-up
11:00 am Sing for Sunday
1:00 pm Scenic Ride
1:30 pm International Music & Dance Social
2:00 pm "The Merry Widow" play at F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre
2:00 pm Furry Friends
2:00 pm Manicures & Relaxation
2:00 pm Poetry Corner with Michelle
2:30 pm Intergenerational Christian Worship Service
3:00 pm Bingo
3:00 pm Motivational Readings
3:45 pm Word Play
5:30 pm Meditation & Aroma Therapy
6:00 pm Movie & Popcorn Club
Monday - February 26
10:00 am Go4LifeĀ® Walking Club
10:00 am Scenic Ride
10:00 am Shopping
11:00 am Men's Club
11:00 am Spiritual Readings
11:00 am Chair Exercise-Marcy
1:00 pm Chicken Soup Stories
1:30 pm Craft Corner
2:00 pm Current Events Social with Jim
2:00 pm Reading Partnership at Whetstone ES
2:00 pm Reading Partnership at Whetstone ES
2:30 pm Word Wizard Social
3:15 pm Bingo
3:15 pm Sing Along & Dance
4:00 pm Play Ball & Trivia Social
5:30 pm Show Tune Social
6:00 pm Movie & Popcorn Club
Tuesday - February 27
9:00 am Medical Appointments
10:00 am Room Visits
10:30 am Catholic Communion
11:00 am Tighten-up Tuning
11:00 am Holy Rosary
11:30 am Baking for Fun
1:00 pm Jingo Games
2:00 pm African-American in Times of War-Lewis Latimer"
2:00 pm Sing Fit Social
2:00 pm Fitness Class with Bayada
3:00 pm Poker Games with Clinton
3:00 pm Living with Anticipation
4:00 pm Walking Club
4:30 pm Poetry & Relax-a-Read
5:30 pm Travelogue Video Social
6:00 pm Movie & Popcorn Club
Wednesday - February 28
10:00 am Wonderful Warm-up
10:30 am Lunch at Famous Daves
10:30 am Tai Chi with Nan
10:45 am Journaling Moments
11:15 am Community Service
1:00 pm Bingo
2:00 pm Drama Club
2:00 pm MoMa Art/History Social
2:30 pm Sing Along w/Angelika
2:30 pm Sing Fit Social
3:00 pm Jewelry Making with Edna
3:00 pm Brain Teaser Social
3:45 pm Evening Stretches
4:15 pm Spiritual Readings
5:30 pm Guided Meditation Social
6:00 pm Movie & Popcorn Club
Thursday - March 1
10:00 am Electric Exercise
10:30 am Lunch at Applebee's
10:30 am Bible Talk
10:30 am Local News
11:00 am Creative Painting
11:30 am World of Baking
1:00 pm Meet Me at MoMa
2:00 pm Show Tune Social
3:00 pm "Worship Music, Prayer & Bible Study" with Michael Rosenberg
3:00 pm Whats New in Science
3:45 pm Yoga Chair Meditation
4:00 pm Meet Me at MoMa
4:15 pm Thirsty Thursdays
5:30 pm Soul Stories
6:00 pm Documentary Film & Popcorn
Friday - March 2
9:30 am Go4Life Walking Club
10:00 am Senior-Cise& Ball Bouncing
11:00 am Chair Exercise-Marcy
11:00 am Inspired Stories
1:00 pm Davis' Trivia Club
1:00 pm Bingo
2:00 pm "Poems & Stories" w/Kate
2:00 pm Sing Fit Social
2:45 pm Fun Facts
3:00 pm Shabbat Service
3:30 pm Happy Hour with pianist Thomas Pandolfi
4:00 pm Head Games
4:30 pm Yoga Chair Meditation
5:30 pm After Dinner Music with Sandy
6:00 pm Computer World w/Daniel
6:00 pm Recorded Musical Concert
Saturday - March 3
10:00 am Scenic Ride
10:00 am Keep Movin'
11:00 am Art Class with Natalya
11:00 am Sing Fit
11:00 am Manicure Social
11:30 am Interfaith Prayers
1:00 pm Guess Who?
1:30 pm Bingo
1:30 pm Throw Toss
2:15 pm Sing Fit
3:00 pm Walking Club
3:30 pm How Things Have Changed
4:15 pm Brain Teasers
5:30 pm American Funny Videos
6:00 pm Pop-up Saturday Movie
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