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Assisted Living Activities at Sunrise at Montgomery Village

Sunrise at Montgomery Village's Programming and Activities allow each resident to experience complete life enrichment. We invite you to view our week at a glance and month at a glance activity calendars, which promote the health of the mind, body and spirit. Our vibrant programs are fulfilling and encourage our residents to celebrate the joy of every day. We help seniors live the life they want to live. Stop by a community and join one of our many daily senior activities so you can experience the Sunrise Difference.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - March 26
9:00 am Church Trips
9:30 am Go4Life Walking Club
10:00 am Joel Osteen Ministries
10:30 am Sunday warm-up
11:00 am Sing for Sunday
11:30 am Ecumenical Service
1:00 pm Scenic Ride
1:30 pm International music & dance Social
2:00 pm Furry Friends
2:30 pm Intergenerational Worship Service
3:00 pm Motivational Reading Social
3:30 pm Bingo with Michelle
3:30 pm Word Play
6:00 pm Meditation & Aromatherapy
Monday - March 27
10:00 am Morning walk with Jose
10:30 am Scenic Ride
11:00 am Chair exercise with Marcy
11:00 am Spiritual Readings
11:45 am Charlestown Casino & Slots
1:00 pm Chicken Soup Stories
1:45 pm Craft Corner
2:00 pm Current Events Club
3:00 pm Word Wizard Social
3:15 pm Bingo
4:00 pm Play ball Social
5:00 pm Sing Along & Dance
6:00 pm Movie & popcorn Social
Tuesday - March 28
10:00 am Walking Club
10:00 am Tighten-Up Toning
10:30 am World News
10:30 am Catholic Communion
11:00 am "The Holy Rosary" with the Legion of Mary from St. John's Neumann
1:00 pm Fun with Cooking/baking Club
1:00 pm Lyla's Exercise Club
1:30 pm Jingo Games w/prizes
1:45 pm Reading Partnership at Whetstone Elementary
2:00 pm "Textile" presentation with Dr. Davis
2:00 pm Dominoes/Puzzles Club
2:30 pm Living with Anticipation
3:00 pm Poetry Pause Social
3:30 pm Chorus Club
5:00 pm Relax-n-Read
6:00 pm Travelogue Video Social
Wednesday - March 29
10:00 am Morning walking with Naz
10:00 am Word Games with Naz
10:30 am Journaling Moments
11:00 am Wonderful Warm Up
1:00 pm Bingo
2:00 pm Spiritual Reading
2:00 pm Drama Club
3:00 pm Jewelry Making Party
3:00 pm Word Wizard Social
4:00 pm Evening Stretches
5:15 pm Guided Meditation Social
6:00 pm Comedy Movie & popcorn
Thursday - March 30
9:00 am Morning walk with Aileen
10:00 am Electric Exercise
10:30 am Lunch at Black Market Bistro at Garrett Park
10:30 am Local News
10:30 am Bible Talk
11:00 am Sing Along with Sandy
1:00 pm Meet me at MoMA Program Social
1:00 pm Creative Painting
2:00 pm Word Worms
2:15 pm "Come be a Karaoke Star" with Norman
2:30 pm Community Project
3:00 pm Drama Club Rehearsal
3:00 pm Show Tune Social
3:00 pm "You be the Judge" with Bill Royce
4:00 pm Walk-a-Bout
5:15 pm Soul Stories Social
6:00 pm Documentary Film & popcorn
Friday - March 31
9:30 am Go4Life Walking Club
10:00 am Senior-cise & Ball Bouncing
11:00 am Chair exercise with Marcy
11:00 am Inspired Stories
11:00 am Resident Council Meeting
1:00 pm Davis' Trivia Club
1:00 pm Bingo
2:00 pm "Poems & Stories" with Kate
2:00 pm Fun Facts
3:00 pm Shabbat Service
3:30 pm Happy Hour & March Birthdays with Steve Flynn
4:00 pm Head Games
5:15 pm Yoga Chair Meditation
6:00 pm TGIF Movie & Popcorn Social
Saturday - April 1
10:00 am Keep Movin'
10:00 am Scenic Ride
10:00 am Art Class with Natalya
10:30 am Bingo with Youth Group
11:00 am Interfaith Prayers
1:00 pm Manicure Social
1:30 pm Bingo
2:00 pm Guess Who??
2:00 pm "Sister Act" Musical Comedy at Northwest High School
3:00 pm "This was the Year...." with Marvin
3:00 pm Saturday Service with Gaithersburg SDA Church
3:00 pm Music Trivia Social
3:00 pm April Fool's Day Social
3:00 pm Motivational Readings with Naz
4:00 pm How Things Have Changed
4:30 pm Walking Club
5:00 pm Motivational Readings
6:00 pm American Funniest Home Videos

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