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Exceptional Dining at Sunrise of Columbia

Sunrise of Columbia, MD, loves to celebrate! Every third Sunday of the month we host a brunch and celebrate holidays such as Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving with specially prepared dishes.

During the course of the year, we serve equally as delicious meals under the supervision of Jerry Brown, our dining services coordinator. His culinary background extends over four decades! After his mother taught him to cook at the age of nine, he pursed a degree from a food and maritime trade school before joining the military. Jerry is popular among residents because he is familiar with each resident’s likes and dislikes.

Fresh ingredients are a staple in our kitchen and our residents enjoy fresh produce and herbs in many of our dishes.

Pureed Diet Options

We are pleased to share that we offer purees made with whole ingredients for residents who require the ease of a pureed diet. Learn more about our pureed diet options.

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