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Karen Smith team member profile

Karen Smith

Life Enrichment manager

“I got to Sunrise more than five years ago, when all my kids were in school and I wanted to do something part-time. Part-time didn’t last very long. The residents suddenly became family and my co-workers. 

Looking back on the past five years, I realize that I’m here for selfish reasons. I love the hugs I receive when I arrive each day. I love the faces of residents who see the tomatoes getting ripe, or seeds popping out of the ground. When our bowling team goes bowling and someone gets a strike, the excitement is overwhelming. The pride that exudes from someone who just put a beautiful pie together, from scratch, is palpable. 

This is an extraordinary generation and I’m so thankful to be a small part of their lives. I have six children, so my life away from Sunrise is very busy. Between my home family and my Sunrise family, I’m very blessed.”

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