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Meet the Sunrise of Haverford Team

Meet some of the exemplary members of our team here at Sunrise of Haverford, PA. 

Dresher JanetJanet Locke

Business Office Coordinator

"I began working for a Sunrise community in Haverford, Pennsylvania, in 1991. What truly made it special for me was the fact that my grandparents lived there and I would get to see them almost every day. Through the many years that I have worked for this company, I have held many different positions ranging from a server in the dining room, to Dining Room Supervisor, to Human Resources Representative, Business Office Coordinator for Sunrise of Dresher and now that same role here at Sunrise of Haverford!  Working for Sunrise has been very personally rewarding for me and I can honestly say that I am proud to be a part of the Sunrise family because they truly do ‘champion the quality of life for all seniors.’”

Shalita Miller, Dining Service Coordinator Shalita Miller

Lead Care Manager, Personal Care

"I have been with Sunrise of Haverford for over 5 years and it is like my second family. I can say with confidence that my residents can feel how passionate I am about them and their care. One of my favorite parts of my job is when I exercise with residents. Seeing the progress they make because of my motivation and coaching puts the biggest smile on my face.  Every day I come to work, I prioritize their happiness and safety as though they were my own family.  In return, they give me the greatest gift of all, their trust."

BJ Flynn team member profile

BJ (Elizabeth) Flynn, RN

Wellness Nurse

“I have worked for Sunrise for 10 years and have served in both community and regional roles.  When everyone says that there is something special about Haverford, I know that first hand. 

The best way to describe us is that we are family and we treat residents with respect and dignity, as we would our family members. The most rewarding part of my day is that we have made a difference in our residents’ lives. It may be in the form of a smile, a touch or just a moment, but it is always meaningful. Residents make my days! 

In my spare time, I enjoy making memories with my children, grandchildren and extended family.  I also enjoy painting.”

Justin Layman

Dining Service Coordinator

"I started my food service career in the restaurant industry and haphazardly found my way into senior living.  Sunrise of Haverford has been my “home away from home” for the last 5 years and I cannot imagine a better fit.  What I love most about Sunrise is my interaction with the residents.  In my role, I have an opportunity to enact all the Principles of Service, but the one I most often use is Celebrating Individuality. Through our monthly Food Committee meetings and my individual resident “foodies”, I am able to tailor our communities dining selections to the resident’s preferences.  The feedback lends itself to an ever-changing menu that provides an excitement for not only the residents, but also for me."

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