Sunrise of Hunter Mill

Assisted Living Activities at Sunrise of Hunter Mill

Sunrise of Hunter Mill's Programming and Activities allow each resident to experience complete life enrichment. We invite you to view our week at a glance and month at a glance activity calendars, which promote the health of the mind, body and spirit. Our vibrant programs are fulfilling and encourage our residents to celebrate the joy of every day. We help seniors live the life they want to live. Stop by a community and join one of our many daily senior activities so you can experience the Sunrise Difference.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - March 17
9:30 am Catholic Communion
10:00 am Exercise Essentials - w/ Weights
10:30 am Televised Catholic Mass
10:30 am Church Visit to United Fairfax Methodist
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
1:30 pm Generosity Club - Writing Letters Home
1:30 pm How to Draw with Claire
1:30 pm Gentleman's Club with Patrick - Outing Air & Space Museum in Dulles
2:30 pm SingFitĀ® - Sing Along
3:15 pm St. Patrick's Day Social - music by Kate Morse
4:15 pm Puzzle Club
6:15 pm Sunday Night Cinema
Monday - March 18
10:00 am Tai Chi with Claire
10:30 am Catholic Rosary
11:00 am Baking/Cooking Club
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
1:30 pm Jewerly Making Club with Claire
2:30 pm Word From A Word
3:15 pm Chips & Dip Social w/ Sing Along
3:15 pm Sing Along with Isha
4:30 pm Meditation with Claire
6:00 pm Crime & Mystery Monday:
Tuesday - March 19
10:00 am Exercise Essentials - w/ Elastic Bands
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
11:15 am You Be The Judge
11:30 am Name That Tune!
12:15 pm Ladies' Luncheon
1:30 pm Bible Study - Acts
2:30 pm Word Teasers with Joy
2:30 pm Personalized Music Experience
3:15 pm Apple Pie Social with Trivia
4:30 pm Exercise Mind & Body
6:30 pm Tuesday Evening Bingo
Wednesday - March 20
9:30 am National Geographic
10:00 am Yoga with Volunteer Steady
11:00 am Art Lecture Series with Marney Kennedy - People and Why We Are Fascinated
11:00 am Marvelous Manicures
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
1:30 pm Flute Music with Joy
2:00 pm Bridge Club - Card Game
2:15 pm News Currents
3:15 pm Lemonade Social with Name 10 Word Game
4:30 pm Meditation w/ Joy
6:00 pm Wednesday Night Documentary
Thursday - March 21
9:45 am Exercise Essentials - w/ Balls
10:30 am Christian Service with Pastor Ron
11:00 am Hand Massages
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
1:30 pm $Shopping Outing to Walgreens
2:00 pm Sing Along with Volunteer Ellen
2:30 pm Let's Watch - Baby Animals in the Wild
3:15 pm Cheese Tasting Social & Piano Music by Bertram
4:00 pm Anticipation Club: Discuss Ideas for the Calendar
6:00 pm Thursday Night Comedy
Friday - March 22
9:15 am Friday Documentary - Planet Earth
10:00 am Exercise with Ashleigh - Legacy
10:45 am Political Discussion - State your views on Current Events
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
11:30 am $Lunch Outing to Santini's New York Style Deli
2:30 pm Chain Reaction - Word Game
3:15 pm TGIF Social - BINGO
4:30 pm Meditation with Joy
6:00 pm Classic Movie Friday
Saturday - March 23
10:00 am Exercise Mind & Body
10:45 am Let's Talk : Table Topics
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
1:30 pm Scenic Drive to Cherry Blossom Wiehle Ave.
2:00 pm Get Your Game On - Golf!
3:15 pm Saturday Afternoon Social - What America Says
4:30 pm Flute Music with Joy
6:00 pm Saturday Night Sitcoms
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