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Assisted Living Activities at Sunrise of Hunter Mill

Sunrise of Hunter Mill's Programming and Activities allow each resident to experience complete life enrichment. We invite you to view our week at a glance and month at a glance activity calendars, which promote the health of the mind, body and spirit. Our vibrant programs are fulfilling and encourage our residents to celebrate the joy of every day. We help seniors live the life they want to live. Stop by a community and join one of our many daily senior activities so you can experience the Sunrise Difference.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - January 19
9:30 am Catholic Communion
10:00 am Exercise Essentials - w/ Weights
10:30 am Televised Catholic Mass
10:30 am Church Visit to Wesley United Methodist
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
1:30 pm How to Draw
2:00 pm Gentleman's Club with Patrick
2:30 pm SingFit® - Sing Along
3:00 pm Chef Special Social
3:15 pm BINGO with Volunteer Wade
4:30 pm Puzzle Table - Work on the Puzzle
6:15 pm Sunday Night Cinema - Resident Choice
7:00 pm Savory Sunday Social - Optional
Monday - January 20
10:00 am Tai Chi with Claire
10:30 am Catholic Rosary
11:00 am Baking/Cooking Club
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
1:30 pm Arts & Crafts
3:00 pm Chips & Dip Social w/ Word From A Word
3:15 pm Sing Along with Isha
4:30 pm Puzzle Club - Work on the Puzzle
6:00 pm Crime & Mystery Monday - Resident Choice
7:00 pm Chips & Salsa Monday Social - Optional
Tuesday - January 21
10:00 am Exercise Essentials - w/ Elastic Bands
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
11:15 am You Be The Judge
11:45 am Name That Tune!
12:15 pm $Ladies' Luncheon
1:30 pm " Through The Bible " with Eleanor
2:30 pm Word Teasers
3:00 pm Apple Cider with Trivia
4:30 pm Reflect, Relax and Release - Chat with Claire
6:30 pm Tuesday Evening Bingo - Girl Scout
7:00 pm Apple Cider Social - Optional
Wednesday - January 22
9:30 am National Geographic
10:00 am Help From Volunteer Kit!
10:00 am Chair Yoga
11:00 am Marvelous Manicures
11:00 am Today's News - Newspaper Discussion
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
11:15 am Match Game -TV Show Game
1:30 pm SingFit
2:30 pm Food Committee - with Raul
3:15 pm Monthly Birthday Social with Musical Guest Steve
4:20 pm Meditation
6:00 pm Wednesday Night Documentary - Resident Choice
7:00 pm Bannana Bread Social - Optional
Thursday - January 23
9:45 am Exercise Essentials - w/ Balls
10:00 am Help From Volunteer Kit!
10:30 am Christian Service with Pastor Doug
11:00 am Hand Massages
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
1:30 pm $Shopping Outing to Goodwill
2:00 pm Let's Watch - Baby Animals in the Wild - Netflix
3:15 pm Cheese Tasting Social - What Would You Do?
4:00 pm Anticipation Club: Discuss Ideas for the Calendar
4:30 pm Monthly Support Group
4:30 pm Play Dominoes with Joy
6:00 pm Thursday Night Comedy - Resident Choice
7:00 pm Cheese & Crackers Social - Optional
Friday - January 24
9:20 am Friday Documentary - Planet Earth
10:00 am Help From Volunteer Kit!
10:05 am Exercise with Emily from Health Pro
11:00 am Bible Study w/ Peter
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
11:30 am $Lunch Outing to Red Lobster
2:00 pm Volunteer Christy Help with Activities
2:30 pm Everyday Trivia
3:00 pm Happy Hour Social - BINGO with Volunteer Emma
4:30 pm Meditation with Joy
6:00 pm Classic Movie Friday - Resident Choice
7:00 pm Freeto Fridays Social - Optional
Saturday - January 25
10:00 am Zumba with Millette
10:45 am Let's Talk : Table Topics
11:00 am Piano Music by Talia
11:00 am “Special Moment’s“- Hymn Singing & Inspirational Message
11:15 am GO4LIFE Walking Club
11:15 am Famous Faces Trivia
1:30 pm Scenic Drive to Hemlock Overlook Park
2:00 pm Generosity Club - Writing Letters to Sunrise Team
2:30 pm Get Your Game On - Golf!
3:15 pm Seaonal Fruit Social - What America Says
4:30 pm Computer Class - Check Out Our New Resident Computer!
6:00 pm Saturday Night Sitcoms - Resident Choice
7:00 pm Sweet Saturday Social - Optional
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