Sunrise of Hunter Mill

Meet the Sunrise of Hunter Mill Team

Meet some of the members of our exceptional team here at Sunrise of Hunter Mill, VA. 

jaclyn robbins edJaclyn Robbins 

Executive Director

“There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a resident thrive! It brings me tremendous joy to see a resident improve and grow with support from our Sunrise team. The kindness, love, and laughter that I get to see on a daily basis as a Sunrise executive director is food for my soul. I personally experienced the compassion and care of Sunrise when my beloved grandfather was a resident at a Sunrise community several years ago. During that time I learned what it feels like to be a family member and grew to understand the vulnerability they experience. Sunrise team members wrapped their arms around my grandfather and my family, and we knew that he would have the best quality of care and life for his final days. As with all families, we wanted only the best for my grandfather, and Sunrise clearly stood and continues to stand above the rest.”

Eric MillerEric Miller

Resident Care Director

"I come to Hunter Mill with more than 20 years of experience in the health care professions. I received my RN credential from St. Luke’s School of Nursing in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I most recently practiced my skills for four years in the emergency department at Tower Health Brandywine Hospital, located in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. I recently relocated to Northern Virginia with my three sons with whom I enjoy an active life-style. I also enjoy soccer and paddle boarding and have always had a passion for ceramics.

Sima DostSima Dost

Reminiscence Coordinator

“Spending time with or residents is the best part of my day. My mom suffered from dementia for five years. I took care of her during that time and it helped me to understand what the residents and families are going through. I’m here not just for the residents, but also to support the families and my fellow team members as well. I’m fortunate to be able to step out of my office and see that I’ve changed my residents’ lives by being there for them on their good and bad days. To me, my residents are unique and perfect in so many ways, and I’m honored to be a part of their lives.

In my 21 years with Sunrise, the organization has given me so many opportunities. I’ve grown through trainings, support and experience. Sunrise has helped my team to truly see the joy in every day.”

Joy NealJoy Neal

Activities and Volunteer Coordinator

"Sunrise graciously open their doors for me to become a member of the staff at Sunrise of Alexandria in 2017 as an Activities Assistant. One of the reasons I have pride in working for Sunrise was because of the extensive orientation and training process they provided, I knew that Sunrise would go above and beyond to create the highest quality of life for their residents which I have a stupendous passion for.  I found my interest in working with older adults when I was in middle school and I had the opportunity to work with my grandmother, a geriatric nurse at the time. 

Prior to working at Sunrise, I worked at a continuing care retirement community in Baltimore, Maryland. This experience solidified that my calling is to create an enjoyable yet purposeful life for seniors in the best way that I could.  I currently assist my grandmother on a day to day basis and strive to do all that I can to provide comfort, safety, meeting her needs that I can’t help but do the same for our residents at Sunrise. Now that I am the Activities & Volunteer Coordinator I am humbled to help provide the best service for our residents."

Helen KissaHelen Kissa

Lead Care Manager

“I enjoy working with Sunrise. I love the work I do and I love the residents. I enjoy working with the other team members. I left for a little while and came back in 2007 because I missed the relationships I had built with the residents. We are all here to care for the residents when they really are in need. We become like a family. We want our residents to feel at home in our community and to be treated with respect.”

KimaKima Chekol

Lead Care Manager for Reminiscence Neighborhood

“I enjoy spending time with the residents. When I’m with the residents, it feels like I’m at home with my family. We help them out with their daily lives and we are here to support them. My favorite thing is seeing the smiles on their faces when I pamper them with a manicure!

Sunrise is different because it really feels like a family at home. The residents and families are able to enjoy the comforts of their own homes here in our community. I used to work as a home care aide and I prefer to work with my strong team members. We are close-knit and here to support each other.”

Handi RemHanadi Abu Ghannam 

Reminiscence Supervisor

“At Sunrise, I feel at home with my big family. Each day I come into the community and my goal is to make each resident happy and to put a smile on their face. I love that I can help our residents enjoy and live their life to the fullest. For me, Sunrise means love, smiles, warmth, and care.” 


Executive Cat

"I reside in the Reminiscence neighborhood and my favorite place to lounge about is the activity room. I am always paying extra attention during our daily programs to find the perfect opportunities to jump into the hands of my residents. I especially like to be stroked on my forehead and my belly (just a tip). I usually get about 30 belly rubs a day and I don’t mind them one bit! My friends take great care of me and are very happy to help me out when needed. In the mornings, I like to be let out to sunbathe under the warm sun. After my sunbath, I start to go room to room visiting my friends. Sometimes I catch a nap in between rooms, so this process can take me all day. My residents are always eager to see me and provide me with treats throughout the day. If you would like to know more about me, then come visit me at Sunrise of Hunter Mill. Make sure to ask for me at the concierge desk and I will gladly give you a tour of my beautiful and love-filled home."

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