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Meet the Sunrise of Lincoln Park Team

Our team members are truly what make our community “home,” and each valuable member of our team is hired for his or her serving heart and ability to care for our seniors. We’re pleased to introduce you to just a few of the team members who make Sunrise of Lincoln Park such a special place!

Theresa Johnson

Theresa Johnson- Team Member Since 1995

Executive Director

“I have been with Sunrise for more than two decades! To me, working for Sunrise means enhancing quality of life for my residents and their families. The ability to age in place gives our seniors and their families peace of mind and stability, and knowing that I’m able to play a part in that is what has kept me with Sunrise for so long.”

Team member aliciaAlicia Palumbo-Team Member Since 2013

Director of Sales 

“I love knowing every day is going to be different.  I also know that sometimes when I meet a family for the first time, they are going through a new and often difficult process.  As the Director of Sales, I have met a lot of families.  We have laughed, cried, hugged, and learned together.  A lot of times families will say to me “you must hear this all the time” regarding their loved ones but the thing is, although situations may be familiar, every experience a family is going through is different. 

That’s why I love working at Sunrise; we are not a one-size fits all community.  Every resident and every family member has a different story to tell, and I want to hear all of them.  It means the world to me that families can trust me when they are feeling vulnerable or scared of what is to come.  I know the importance of having honest conversations about how Sunrise can mold our environment to meet the care, social, and spiritual needs of all our residents.  The decision to move into a community like Sunrise is a big one, and it is my passion to provide the necessary information and education to families to hopefully make the journey a little easier and less stressful.”

CeCe Anderson | ConciergeCeCe Anderson- Team Member Since 2013

Activities & Volunteer Coordinator

“I love my work with seniors because not only do I learn from them, but I get to help their families as well. My favorite thing to do with our residents is host my signature Wednesday CeCe’s Tea Parties which are held in the Bistro!  As a former Tea Room owner, I enjoy sharing different teas and discussing the history and culture associated with each different kind, and they love it! We also sample baked treats prepared by our residents in our Terrace Club activities! The size of our Sunrise community makes it feel like you are truly a part of a family and right at home.”

Melissa Mitchell | Life Enrichment Manager

Melissa Mitchell- Team Member Since 2006

Life Enrichment Manager

“I really enjoy spending time with our residents – brain games, bowling, outings – or just having the time to sit down and talk about their lives, careers, families and interests.

I love working for Sunrise. In fact, I previously worked for another Sunrise community before joining the Lincoln Park team’s location. When my own mother passed, all of the team members, as well as the residents, helped me through a very difficult time of my life, and I’m very grateful for that.”

Lauren Brown | Reminiscence Lead Care Manager

Lauren Brown- Team Member Since 2004

Reminiscence Lead Care Manager

“I immensely enjoy when the residents regale me with stories from their past. Tales of childhood, family and love are my favorite. Traveling down memory lane with them is a sheer delight. Without a doubt, one of the greatest things about Sunrise is not only our commitment to the residents, but also to each other as team members. Sunrise focuses on the well-being of each of its employees, and stays true to its open-door policy so we are always in communication. The leadership and my co-workers at this community are phenomenal.”

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