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Assisted Living Activities at Sunrise of Old Tappan

Sunrise of Old Tappan's Programming and Activities allow each resident to experience complete life enrichment. We invite you to view our week at a glance and month at a glance activity calendars, which promote the health of the mind, body and spirit. Our vibrant programs are fulfilling and encourage our residents to celebrate the joy of every day. We help seniors live the life they want to live. Stop by a community and join one of our many daily senior activities so you can experience the Sunrise Difference.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - February 19
8:00 am Catholic Program on Channel 17 (L: Ref.)
9:00 am Communion by Eucharistic Ministers (L: Ref.)
9:30 am Mass at St. Pius X Church (L: Ref.)
2:10 pm Bingo Game (L:Act.)
3:00 pm "Finishing Lines" Social (L: Lrn)
4:00 pm Sunday Armchair Travel (L: Lrn)
4:00 pm Go4Life Walking Club (L: Act.)
5:30 pm Dot - to - Dot Game
7:30 pm New Release Movie Pick
Monday - February 20
10:00 am Noodles Exercise Essentials (L: Act.)
10:15 am Walk4Life Club (L:Act.)
10:30 am Good Neighbor Choir (L:Mel.)
2:00 pm Cooking Club with Stef (L: Gen)
3:00 pm President's Day Celebration at Social with Live Music by: David Wayne (L:Lrn.)
4:00 pm "Easy Does It" Crossword Puzzles (L: Lrn.)
5:30 pm Monday Logical Puzzle
7:30 pm Western Movie Night with Snack (L:Ant)
Tuesday - February 21
10:15 am Walk4Life Club (L:Act.)
11:00 am Shopping Trip to Foodtown & CVS (L: Ant)
11:00 am Armchair Travel
2:00 pm St. Luke's Song & Scriptures (L: Rfl)
3:00 pm Trivia Tuesdays at Social (L: Lrn.)
4:00 pm Make Your Point "Win Tickets"
5:30 pm Crossword Puzzle
7:20 pm Meditation Time (L:Ref.)
7:30 pm Drama & Romance Movie Night with Snack (L:Ant)
Wednesday - February 22
10:15 am Walk4Life Club (L:Act.)
10:30 am Exercise Essentials with Bands (L: Act.)
11:00 am Play CRAZY 8's Card Game (L: Lrn)
2:15 pm Meet Me at MoMA's (L: Art.)
3:00 pm Birthday of the Month Social with Live Music By: Jason Craig
3:00 pm "Mind Jogger Challenge" at Social (L: Lrn)
4:00 pm Bingo Game (L: Act.)
5:30 pm Word Game (L: Lrn.)
7:20 pm Meditation Time (L: Ref)
7:30 pm Mystery Movie & Snack
Thursday - February 23
8:30 am Beauty Parlor Open (L: Ant.)
11:00 am Let Ellie Pamper Your Nails (L: Leg.)
12:00 pm Scenic Van Ride with Friends
2:10 pm Walk4Life Club (L:Act.)
2:10 pm Resident Council Meeting
2:10 pm Wii Bowling
3:00 pm Sing a Long at Social (L: Mel.)
4:00 pm Lets Play "Good Riddance" (L: Act)
4:00 pm Discussion Group with Linda
5:30 pm Play Word Search
7:30 pm Men's Movie Pick Night & Snack!
Friday - February 24
10:15 am Exercise Essentials: Balls (L: Act.)
11:00 am Guest Speaker: Nurse Jane Topic - Heart Health means Good Health (L: Lrn)
2:00 pm Shop the "Ticket Store" (L:Ant)
3:00 pm "Movie Club Meets" at Social (L: Ant)
3:30 pm Friday Fun & Game Club w/ Maria at Social (L: Ant.)
4:10 pm News Currents Sr. (L: Lrn)
5:30 pm Match Up Game
5:30 pm Live with Anticipation (L: Ant)
7:20 pm Meditation Time (L: Ref)
7:30 pm Action & Adventure Movie with Snacks
Saturday - February 25
10:15 am Classic Movie Matinee (L: Ant)
10:45 am Walk4Life Club (L: Act.)
2:00 pm Wii Bowling (L: Act.)
3:00 pm Jazz Music & Cocktail Social (L:Mel)
4:00 pm Play Keno for Tickets (L: Lrn.)
5:30 pm Junk Drawer Detective
7:30 pm Comedy Movie Night (L: Ant)

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