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Meet the Sunrise of San Mateo Team

We’re delighted to introduce you to some of our excellent team members who work tirelessly to make our community great.

Gena Austriasan-mateo-gena

Resident Care Director

"To come into Sunrise is to come into a second home. The warmth shared by the residents and their enthusiasm has inspired me to perform to the best of my abilities in order to maintain the atmosphere. The lives that I've encountered from of my service at Sunrise since 2018 have made a heartfelt impact on me and replenished my love for my profession.  

Aside from the experiences in teamwork, Sunrise has allowed me to earn valuable skills that have refined and strengthened my work ethic to better serve the residents and my team. Our residents deserve high-quality and personalized care which can be done by meeting their needs. The thrill of the job is to overcome the challenges that come with the ambition in order to provide what we promise.

As a mother from a family-oriented culture, I am thankful that Sunrise promotes the same environment. I have earned my MDRN license with support of my family whom I bond with in quality of time.”

Shana Mohammedsan-mateo-shana

Business Office Coordinator

“I began my fascinating, wonderful journey with seniors in 2006. Assisted living has been my passion for over 13 years, and I have served as a Concierge, Administrative Assistant, Business Office Manager and in 2014 made the decision to join Sunrise as a Business Office Coordinator and have loved every minute of it.

I fell in love with Sunrise's philosophy and model of caring deeply for seniors as well as its warm culture, impressive leaders and true dedication to improving lives of team members and I am thrilled and honored to be a part of an organization that is genuinely committed to serving our residents, families and the community with heartfelt passion. I love working at Sunrise because I am honored to work with a fabulous team to assist with caring for these unique people with whom I’ve over the years build a relationship and bond.

I was born and raised in Fiji, and grew up with the hospitality and friendly spirit instilled in me. For me, taking care of seniors is a way of giving back and making each day a pleasant day. In my free time, I enjoy family time with my husband and my two lovely daughters.”

Myrna Magatsan-mateo-myrna

Assisted Living Coordinator

“I love that I can provide excellent care and make our residents happy each day. At Sunrise, I work with a great team and the company provides great benefits and tools for learning and training. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, watching sports on TV and traveling."

Lady Reedsan-mateo-lady

Reminiscence Coordinator

“As the Reminiscence Coordinator here at Sunrise of San Mateo since 2018, I would have to say, the best part thus far has been my residents. I absolutely love them. They are awesome; they are wise. They make me laugh, and sometimes cry a happy cry.

 I enjoy creating a culture of care, empathy, as well as training and coaching my team to provide a great quality of life for residents. 

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with the people closest to me. I like beaches, scary movies, and roller coasters. I also enjoy wine tasting and trying different restaurants across the Bay Area. I enjoy learning new things. I have an undergraduate background in Biology and Psychology. In addition, I am now finishing an Executive MBA program, leaving me with little time for leisurely activities, so it is nice to get a lot of enjoyment and personal fulfillment at work. It really helps to add many smiles to my very busy days.”

Bai Chansan-mateo-bai

Dining Services Coordinator

"I have been working as Dining Services Coordinator for Sunrise of San Mateo since 2014. Prior to this responsibility, I worked as a Restaurant Manager for 10 years here in the Bay Area. My favorite part of my job is managing my team who are all passionate in giving great service and are very supportive of the business goal and my personal goals for them. Teamwork is always a leader’s dream and favorite accomplishment.  

The best part of working for Sunrise is the service we provide for our customers, who are elders depending on our care and support. The fulfillment in helping them in every way we can feels very rewarding.

In my spare time, my family and I enjoy trying new places to eat, exploring the outdoors and travelling. ”

Becky Gutierrezsan-mateo-becky

Activities & Volunteer Coordinator

"I have been working with Sunrise since 2018 and the best part of my job is giving purpose to our residents and leading activities. I really enjoy making a difference and putting a smile on everyone’s face. 

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, sports and spending time with my family and friends.”

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