Sunrise on Old Meridian

Meet the Sunrise on Old Meridian Team

terona long

Terona Long–Team Member since 2002

Executive Director

“I began my career with Sunrise and  have been afforded many great opportunities to learn and grow in several different areas of this phenomenal company.  I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful team members, residents and family members during my tenure.  

Because I had the opportunity to work in an environment that embodied so many of my life values, I went on to pursue my administrator’s license for the State of Indiana in May 2011. I started at Sunrise on Old Meridian as the Associate Executive Director. With my recent promotion to Executive Director, I have been given an even greater opportunity to serve my residents and families.  

My husband and I have been married for more than 20 years and we are proud parents of two adult children. Our entire family shares a love for helping others. I have been able to apply my passion to serve every day here at Sunrise, and it has been most rewarding.” 

tori mayerTori Mayer–Team Member since 2010

Associate Executive Director

"I feel a strong connection to the Sunrise mission, a connection that began when I started volunteering at Sunrise on Old Meridian. As a volunteer, I built meaningful relationships with residents, fellow volunteers, and Sunrise team members. In 2010, I was offered the position of Activities and Volunteer Coordinator and happily accepted. I continued to cultivate lasting friendships, and enjoyed creating engaging events and activities for residents, volunteers, and my Sunrise team members. In 2020, I was promoted to Associate Executive Director.  

Prior to joining the team at Sunrise on Old Meridian, I earned a B.S. in public relations, with a minor in health communications. In my spare time, I enjoy spending each minute I can with my daughter. There is nothing I cherish more than being able to spend time with my family."  

Sunrise on Old Meridian Team Member HollyHolly Koll–Team Member since 2013

Director of Sales 

"I have been working in the senior living community for several years and was excited to join the Sunrise team!  I have always enjoyed helping those in need.  After assisting with my parents’ move to an independent living community, I discovered my passion in wanting to help others through this life transition.  

I love my family, my community, the senior generation, and the simple joys of everyday. These core values combined with the mission and foundation of Sunrise contribute to the ease and happiness of introducing new families to Sunrise on Old Meridian." 

Katy HanksKaty Hanks–Team Member since 2017

Director of Sales

"I have worked in the senior living industry for thirteen years and was very excited to join the Sunrise team. Sunrise on Old Meridian is my home away from home and I truly find Joy in Service coming to work each day. I have a passion for making a difference in people’s lives and relish in seeing our residents blossom at Sunrise.

When I’m not at Old Meridian, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and pets.  And in the summer you can always find me in my favorite chair by the pool."  

Sunrise on Old Meridian Team Member Renee

Renee Mulgado–Team Member since 2002

Healthcare Manager

“I have been fortunate enough to grow within the company as I’ve grown both personally and professionally with my graduation from nursing school.

I have transitioned from caregiver to nurse to Care Coordinator in our memory care to Associate Executive Director and finally landing in my dream job of Health Care Manager.

I am passionate about Sunrise’s mission and I come to work each day eager to make a difference in the lives of residents at Old Meridian.”

steven kakowa

Steven G. Kakowa–Team Member since 2000

Terrace Club Coordinator

“I started my Sunrise career in Rochester, Michigan, in 2000 and transferred to Sunrise on Old Meridian in 2011. I fell in love with Sunrise the day I walked into the community.  Making residents smile while working in a caring and safe environment is my main goal.  Great leadership, amazing team members and an emphasis on our residents has filled more than 15 years full of memories and love.  

I have been married for more than a decade, and have three daughters and one son.  On my days off, I love the outdoors, bike riding and watching movies.”

jacob jackson

Jake Jackson–Team Member since 2006

Lead Care Manager

“I began caring for my grandmother, who had Alzheimer's, at the age of 12. After eight years of helping her, my mother (who was a nurse) recommended that I pursue a career in caregiving. 

I met my Assisted Living Coordinator while working to achieve my Certified Nursing Assistant degree, and here I am today. Sunrise has been my home for more than a decade and not a single day has gone by that I didn't want to go to work.” 

michael wood

Michael Wood–Team Member since 2001

Wellness Nurse

“My entire healthcare career has been with Sunrise because we treat both residents and team members as we would family.  I started at Sunrise in November 2001 as a Care Manager and worked my way into the position of Wellness Nurse. 

I enjoy figuring out the best way to interact with each of my residents. I get enormous satisfaction from helping residents and their loved ones to have comfortable, enjoyable days.”

HerculesHerculesTeam Member since 2019

Happiness Host

"I was excited to become part of the Sunrise family. You will find me at the concierge desk eagerly greeting everyone who comes through our front doors. A few of my favorite things are my peanut butter treats, chew bones and sleeping cushion. I enjoy bringing smiles to all of our residents at Old Meridian and have become especially fond of snuggling on the lap of anyone that may need a nap with me. I’m looking forward to many more fun, fur-filled days with my new Sunrise family.”

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