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What to Expect from a Short-Term Stay at Sunrise

Short-term stays, also known as respite care, allow an older adult to enjoy all the benefits a community has to offer. It could be used when a weary family caregiver needs time to rest or enjoy a vacation. Other families utilize respite care when a loved one is being discharged from the hospital and isn’t quite ready to return home.

Another advantage respite care programs offer is that they give a prospective resident a firsthand look at what life at a senior community is really like. It can help quell anxiety and uncertainty that often comes from the very idea of making a permanent change.

Respite Services Benefit Older Adults and Families

These types of short-term stays at a senior living community offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Time to rest and restore: Caregiving is mentally and physically exhausting. No matter how committed a loved one is to the role, taking a break is vital. If you are a family caregiver, it’s important to remember that by giving yourself an opportunity to practice good self-care, you will likely lower your risk of a health crisis that prevents you from caregiving altogether.
  • Trial stay for a reluctant senior: Giving up a home, especially one they’ve lived in for decades, isn’t easy to do. When an older adult feels anxious or uncertain about making such a big change, they may put off making a needed move or refuse to move altogether. A short-term stay, however, is a commitment-free solution. The person can stay at the community for a few weeks or even a month, while they get to know the team members and other residents. They’ll have access to the same services and amenities as permanent residents.
  • Catch up at home: While having the living room painted or having the house deep-cleaned isn’t very exciting, they are maintenance chores that must be done at the caregiver’s home. But, fitting these tasks into an already hectic schedule might not seem feasible. When the senior family member goes to an assisted living community for a short-term stay, however, a caregiver can manage necessary tasks and feel more in control of their life and home.
  • Spend time with loved ones: It’s fairly common for caregivers to experience bouts of loneliness or even depression. While caring for a loved one can be rewarding, it’s often isolating. This is especially true if the friend or family member you are assisting has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Respite services give caregivers time to enjoy themselves without feeling guilty or worrying about their loved one’s safety and happiness.
  • Create an emergency plan: No one likes to think the worst will happen, but a crisis for a caregiver can have a ripple effect. In the event you experience a medical crisis or are otherwise unable to care for your loved one, having a backup plan in place is essential. Trying out respite care services in your area before a crisis occurs will allow you to be better prepared should an emergency happen.
  • Continue recovery after hospitalization: With the average length of hospital admissions continuing to decline, an older adult might not feel ready to return home at the time of discharge. A short-term stay can be a solution. At Sunrise communities, we offer the Road Home program. It’s a 30-day stay designed for guests coming from a hospital or rehabilitation center. Those who qualify will receive services ranging from medication management to around-the-clock care.

So, how does respite care work at Sunrise communities? Here’s a quick look at what to expect.

Short-Term Stays at Sunrise

At Sunrise communities, respite stays are available for a variety of care levels, including assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. A short-stay guest receives the same level of care and support as residents who’ve made a permanent move to a community. This includes around-the-clock assistance from caregivers in a fully-furnished private suite. They’ll also have a choice of nutritious meals, an opportunity to socialize and participate in activities and fitness programs, access to transportation services, and much more!

Use this Contact form to request more information on a short-term stay at a community or a phone call from a Sunrise team member.

Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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